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Yoga Sutras Series: Realizing Oneness

by on Nov 09 Listen to a Drishti Point Yoga Podcast with Padma, one of Canada’s most respected teachers of Meditation and Yoga. In ... read more

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Chant Master

by on Nov 27 Listen to a Drishti Point Yoga Podcast with international Chant Master Krishna Das. Krishna Das speaks about his Guru Neem Karoli Baba, and his life as a devotional singer. This is a beautiful interview about the yogic path of devotion- Bhakti Yoga. To listen to ... read more

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Ancient Wisdom and Yoga

by on Apr 16 At the age of 12, the following dialogue changed my life. Jimena: I just came to my conclusion that God doesn’t exist. Grandma: Why do you think that? Jimena: Why should I believe in God? I can not prove it Grandma: Do you believe in ... read more

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