Below are some testimonials about Farah and Drishti Point.

About Farah

Farah’s presence and teachings have been one of the biggest blessings of my life. She has introduced me to teachings and practices that have opened my heart in ways I never imagined. Her constant example and beautiful energy keep me inspired. I will be forever grateful that the universe brought our paths together. – Jade Hemsworth

I am forever grateful for having met you and for all the help and heart you’ve given. You were there through one of the most difficult things I’ve ever gone through. You were there when I couldn’t quite figure out ‘what to do next’ or how to do it. You’ve been a shoulder to cry on and a massive helping hand. Thank you for being so awesome! –Jamie Rafes

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and how grateful I am to be a part of Drishti Point. You are such an inspiration to me. Your courage to commit to the path, your integrity, and your love shines through in everything you do. –Liana Yip

You can not imagine how much you have changed my life. I am so grateful for your teaching, your wisdom, your smile and support. I am inspired to follow a path of healing and true love. –Miriam Campos

You are such an amazing, inspiring person who is always there for me, supportive and loving. You are a great example for what I strive to be and I admire you greatly. Thank you for being a teacher, a friend, mainly just YOU- a beautiful, wise, generous, loving kind person.  –Zoe Gill

Thank you a gazillian times over for all that you share, create, and inspire. You are a gift to those who know you and to the strangers that cross your path. –S. Roots

Thank you for sharing and shining your light so authentically and sweetly. –Joni Leung

Your heart of love is a blessing for all of us. Thank you for being a radiant example of the divine Goddess. –Harreson Sito

Thank you for another lovely class yesterday.   You radiate such beautiful energy and I always absorb and carry a bit of it around in me for the rest of the weekend. –Susan Roconnor

 Thank you for being the Bright Light that you have always been. –Monica Flamenco

Working with Farah does not feel like work!  She ensures that those who work with her succeed in the endeavor at hand.  She combines meticulous planning and hard work with heart in what she does.  Working with her feels like a comforting breeze. – Kasim Al-Mashat

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. I feel that you continually go beyond the call of duty and into the call of the wild and this really touches me. You have a good heart, and it shows itself over and over and over.  This makes the world a softer, stronger place to live in, even admits all the struggles and heartache. Thank you so much for everything.– Lana Maree

Farah, you are a tremendous force. I bow to you and your efforts to make this world a better place for all of us. –Sarah Enright

You are an amazing friend and teacher.  I feel constantly blessed to know you. Your radiance and light are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all you do. – Student

Farah’s teachings are incredibly wise, articulate, and heart-centered. They express her commitment to truth as well as her faith in humanity, virtue, and giving. She has the ability to listen with non-judgement and provide feedback that is rooted in compassion, discernment, and spiritual awareness. I have appreciated both collaborating with her as a teacher and conversing with her as a friend because she offers so much depth, joy and insight to what she communicates and does.Veronica Vukusic

Farah thank  you for cheering me up and so many other people. You really are a gift to this earth, and I  feel blessed to be your friend. – Georgina Varveris

It is an incredible blessing to have you as one of my friends and colleagues. I can always rely on your support and wisdom to help me navigate through life’s challenges. And, what is highest and most precious benefit of knowing you is how you so perfectly embody selfless service. I am inspired by your example. –Lada Paul

You embody generosity. Thank you for your Presence. Sadie Lawrence

You are simply amazing! [You are] an inspiring  presence on this earth. I felt privileged to have  shared time [with you]. It was blessed. – Ingrid Hauss

Thank you for your help and thoughtfulness in guiding us through this difficult time. I was grateful to have brought my family to your class and to have your love and positive energy around us since then. – Shirley Song

Thank you.  My heart is filled with joy. You are gift to this world and I’m grateful the universe let us meet. – Jade Hemsworth.

You are an AMAZING teacher . You hold a tremendous space for sharing and receiving.Charlotte Juras

About Drishti Point

We have cultivated a life long daily habit of either listening to, watching or reading sacred scripture from any and all spiritual traditions.  Drishti Point is in direct alignment with our practice.  In one perfectly convenient location, it offers a plethora of joy and inspiration limited only by accessibility to an internet connection. The scope and breadth of its offerings – spanning all religious and spiritual lineages – is a testament to the expansive and inclusive view of its founder and producer, Farah Nazarali, whose respectful and quietly provocative interviewing style is an inspiration in itself.  Thank you, Farah.  –Yvonne and Roger Jaques

Listening to Drishti Point podcasts have not only enriched my yoga practice, but also my everyday life. Drishti Point podcasts have deepened my yoga practice by creating a platform where I can learn about the aspects of yoga that aren’t talked about in classes, or even yoga teacher training programs. They have been a jumping off point to learn more and connect more with myself and the world. They have been inspiring, thought provoking and perspective shifting. I have so much gratitude for all that I have learned from Drishti Point. –Liana Yip

I am constantly inspired by the sheer variety of podcasts on Drishti Point. I hope to be a student of Life forever, and the diversity of the Drishti Point programming gives me the opportunity and motivation to learn something new everyday, to deepen my practice, and to be my best self. As a mother, I have often found comfort and new insight in challenging moments in the podcasts geared toward parenting or mindfulness. Also, all the love that Farah has put into Drishti Point in the form of her time and energy really shines through and I feel it each time I listen. Thank you Farah and Drishti Point! – Lisa Martin

I listen to Drishti Point with my husband, on Sunday mornings or before going to bed.  Drishti Point has given me  spiritual food, in the form of stories, experiences and teachings from great masters. In life, we can sometimes get caught up in the routine and mechanics of daily tasks, and I love to have an inspiration, guidance and a pure source for deep reflections.  I have always gotten answers to whatever is going around in my mind at the moment. Thank you. – Jimena Mendieta

Drishti Point is a collection of yogic wisdom and teachings of inspiring people, teachers, and musicians from around the world. As a yoga teacher and student, I have gained so much in listening to [Drishti Point] podcasts.  [It is an] incredible resource, whether you are on a path of spirituality or enjoy a life of learning and growth.Sophia Kebede

I listen to Drishti Point each week and I look forward to each discussion with all your wonderful guests. Farah is a joy to listen to and her rapport with guests is a delight! Thanks to you all. –Peter Aragon

I’ve found your podcasts to be inspiring, current, and really valuable. Thanks so much for your work and effort in creating community through radio. -Sue Horning