Art Auction

Dustin’s Story
On Tuesday Aug. 8, 2017, after many months of struggling with insomnia, anxiety and a serious nervous system and neurological condition, Dustin Anderson reached out to friends and family with a Go Fund Me Campaign  ( to help with medical treatments.  We were astonished with the support we received from friends and family.  We asked for a very modest amount- $2,222 and we raised over double the amount.  As of today, our campaign raised over $5,500.

Next Phase of Fundraising Campaign
The next phase of our Campaign is to auction the gifts that have been given to us by friends which include a beautiful OM Painting by Marta Baricsa and 2- 10 class Passes to Open Door Yoga.

Marta Baricsa, ( founder of Directivism in Art, is a talented artist based in East Vancouver whose contemporary paintings reflect the simplicity and beauty of Japanese master calligraphers. Her artwork is abstract and evocative. Her use of simple forms and lines are elegant and convey an aesthetic that is timeless and contemporary. Raw OM, a large painting that is 3 feet by 3 feet, is a reflection on all that the circle represents- inter-connection, infinity, and awe.

Starting bid is $800 and auction is open till midnight on Sept. 1 2017 PST. Bids will be published on this page. To make a bid, email

Bio of Marta Baricsa, Visual Artist, OCADU
Marta Baricsa has had a focused art practice for over twenty years. She is involved with Set Decorators, Production Designers, Art Directors providing them with large scale paintings now seen in more than 30 feature films and TV series. Recently, she was commissioned by Tim Burton and his team to paint eight paintings for Big Eyes, the movie starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. Her recognizable paintings have helped create a visual presence on screen and beyond since 2001.

Actively involved with Interior Designers and Directors for art procurement in showcase homes, magazine features, and hotels, she has become well known in Western Canada for the grand scale of her monochromatic and brightly colored acrylic work.

Marta is founder of Directivism, a new art movement based on clean, clear painting with minimal, broad brushwork and no corrections. Her artistic style is bold and gestural, commanding visual attention with its presence and impact. Her paintings are collected internationally.