Learn yogic practices to open the heart and connect to the Sacred.
This is a 4-12 month customized program to help students of yoga deepen their understanding of the Ethics of Yoga (Yamas and Niyamas), Meditation and Mantra, and practices that open the heart and connect us to the Sacred that expresses itself in all things. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in person sessions. For a free 20 minute consultation, contact Farah.

I have found Farah’s mentoring so valuable as I walk my spiritual path. Farah’s openness and kindness make it easy to approach some of the more difficult topics. Her insights and guidance have been a blessing for which I’m constantly grateful. – Jade Hemsworth

Commit to heart-centered learning and living.
This is a 6-12 month customized program to help individuals live with purpose, intention, and clarity.  This program is based on yogic and Buddhist teachings on forgiveness, compassion, generosity, and joy. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in person sessions. For a free 20 minute consultation, contact Farah.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive one-on-one guidance from Farah as well as in workshop settings. Through Farah’s gentle guidance and grounding wisdom, I have developed more skillful ways of speaking, being, and loving. She continues to be a beacon of inspiration for me. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Farah. –Lois Chan-Pedly

Navigate conflict with ease and communicate with clarity, confidence, and compassion
Coaching coaching is a 3-12 month commitment to help gain the skills to navigate situations of conflict in your professional or personal life. Conflict coaching services include clarifying values and needs, brainstorming possibilities, identifying plans of action, examining assumptions and beliefs, and making commitments to cultivating qualities and habits that help the client to reach their full potential.

Unintended I found my self in a highly charged conflict where a lot was at stake. Farah is calm, respectful and impartial. Listening with an open heart and asking insightful questions, she helped to isolate what was important and what to do next. Our session was essential to move from feeling overwhelmed to being empowered. Ultimately it enabled me to find resolution with everyone evolved. – Nadine Spitteler

I have had the privilege and good fortune to have received coaching and mentorship with Farah. Her expertise and mastery in dealing with conflicts is what sets her apart from other teachers and coaches. She demonstrates an ability to listen, compassion and the clarity to see into the heart of matters. I always feel more peaceful after a session. Thank you Farah. -Marilyn Chang

Coaching Fees
Telecoaching (coaching by phone or Skype)
$108 / 45 minutes
$138 / 60 minutes
$154 / 90 minutes

$175 / 45 minutes
$225 / 60 minutes
$250 / 90 minutes

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