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After 9 profound years of podcasting (and broadcasting), I am bringing Drishti Point to a close.  For many months now, I have felt pulled in a different direction and it has come time to let go, bring closure, celebrate the many people who contributed to Drishti Point, and offer gratitude for the blessing it has been in my life.

Drishti Point like all beautiful things in life is impermanent; like a flower from the earth- here to offer beauty and fragrance  only temporarily.  The truth of impermanence is the hardest one of all to accept even though it is reflected all around us in the changing seasons, our changing bodies, our fluctuating emotions and moods, and the flow of friendships.

More than 10 years ago, when I could barely imagine myself as a Yoga teacher, I never would have imagined that I would get to meet and converse with some of the greatest spiritual teachers on this planet. Every guest had a gift for me and some gifts will remain forever in my heart.

Drishti Point has been my friend and companion for close to a decade and I am eternally grateful to the Angels who showed up to help and contribute. Loren Spagnulo, Mike Stanely, Liana Yip,  Sri Venu, Madhuri, Sarah Newton, Sarah Morrissette, Ellen Koch, Jimena Mendieta and countless others.   May your lives be blessed with beauty, health, abundance, harmony, and peace.

By December 2015, all Drishti Point podcasts will be uploaded to Podomatic, where they will be free and accessible to all. They will be removed from this site and this site will be redesigned to reflect a new direction for Drishti Point. Stay  tuned!





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  1. Veronica says:

    For some reason, this brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for all the amazing interviews you shared and insights you brought through your curiosity, inquiry and wonder! Endings can be tough, but beginnings are really exciting. I’m sure that the new direction you’re pulled in will bring about much positive change and growth for you and all your inspired students!
    Just noticed this message this morning. Not sure when it went up. But wanted to leave you with some congratulatory and comforting words.
    You’re awesome.
    Heed the call!

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