Prayers to Water: A Transformational Dance Journey

I am thrilled to co-facilitate the March Journeys Event hosted by with Abheeru, and Zen Fabrice.

Prayers to Water is a one and half hour facilitated dance journey dedicated to the sacred element of water. In ancient times, water and the natural world was revered as it was understood that our life is inter-connected with the Earth as a living, breathing Being.  Water was revered as the source of life and for its power of purification. This evening is a journey that allows us to flow and feel the waterways in our bodies, connect to ancient rhythms used in prayer and ritual, detoxify and purify our body tissue and finally join our hearts in prayer and gratitude for the blessing of water.

Saturday March 18 
2114 West 4th Ave.
$15 at the door

Bless the Water
Wednesday March 22 at 5pm PST

This is a worldwide event of people coming together to offer our highest intentions and prayers to the Water and to stand in solidarity with the World’s Water Protectors.