Sometimes life takes you in directions you never imagined. This was the case with me when I started Drishti Point in 2005, a radio show about yoga. At that time, I had never heard the word ‘podcast’ and I never would have imagined how much of my life and work would involve this new medium.

In 2008, Drishti Point began recording our broadcasts and making them available on-line and thus, begun my career in podcasting. Twelve years later, I continue to produce podcasts on yoga, conscious living, health and wellness.

Hollyhock Talks
Podcasts featuring illuminaries who are inspiring positive change in the world.

In Conversation: Banyen Books and Sound
Podcasts featuring renowned authors, teachers, artists, and musicians. https://soundcloud.com/user-657128117

Tonic Podcasts
Podcasts featuring Naturopathic Doctor, Tonia Winchester speaking on all aspects of health and well-being with a focus on getting you health, happy, and doing what you love. http://www.tonicnaturopathic.com/category/podcasts/