Drishti Point

Drishti Point Yoga Podcast is a 10-year podcast project that started in 2005 and was completed in 2015.  Drishti Point Founder and Visionary- Farah Moolji Nazarali, along with the help of countless volunteers, produced over 400 podcasts with renowned yoga teachers and musicians, international authors, spiritual teachers from various wisdom traditions, and living Masters. Over a hundred podcasts are now part of Drishti Point’s digital archive and  you can listen for free by visiting this link- www.yogapodcast.podomatic.com

Throughout our 10 year history, Drishti Point partnered with Yoga Outreach, Animal Voices Radio, Karma Teachers, SOYA, Three Jewels Vancouver, and Open Door Yoga. For 8 of the 10 years, Drishti Point was part of Vancouver Coop Radio, broadcasting a weekly show on Tuesdays from 5-6pm.

Without the help of Loren Spagnulo, Mike Stanely, Liana Yip,  Sri Venu, Madhuri, Sarah Newton, Sarah Morrissette, Ellen Koch, Jimena Mendieta, Drishti Point would not have been possible.

Good Karma!
Drishti Point was founded and produced by 100% volunteer labour. Seva (selfless service), also known as Karma Yoga is an integral part of the path of yoga. If you like our podcasts, please consider making a donation to keep Drishti Point podcasts in the public domain.  donate here.

Why did Drishti Point end?
To read more about why Drishti Point is no longer producing podcasts, visit here- http://www.drishtipoint.ca/ending-and-beginnings/

What’s next?
Many listeners have asked the question- what’s next? 2017 is the year I hope to publish a Drishti Point book. Stay tuned for more details.