Wakeful Heart
Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion

March – May 2018
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Led by Farah Nazarali and Jennifer Clarke

Fridays 5-9pm
Saturdays 12-7pm
Last Sunday of each month 12-5pm
March 25 | April 29 | May 27

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I am thrilled and honoured to co-create this Yoga Teacher training with Jennifer whom I admire and respect. Jennifer’s life-long dedication and passion for the body and movement is an inspiration to me.  I am thrilled to partner with a yoga teacher who shares the understanding that the ultimate aim of yoga is a wakeful heart.

The heart is at the core of yoga and the source of compassion, love, and courage.

It takes courage to uproot deeply ingrained mental habits, to challenge societal norms, and follow the path of the heart.  When we follow the path of the heart and connect to the energy of the heart, love and compassion naturally flow.  

In all my classes and training, retreats and workshops, there is a single thread that comes through all teachings and all teachers; our highest happiness comes when we connect with a higher purpose or higher Being and through that connection love and serve all those around us. For me, yoga is essentially a path of love and service.

I feel blessed to have learned various yogic practices that are part of my daily life. These practices include asana, pranayam, mantra, mudra, nidra, and kriya. These practices are profound and result in change and transformation on all levels of our being (physical, mental, and emotional).

The various practices of yoga give us the ability to heal ourselves, gain vitality and vigour and realize the inter-connectedness of life so we can become better partners, better citizens, and better care-takers of this planet.

Wakeful Heart YTT is not only about graduating teachers.  It is the beginning chapter into a life-long study of ancient practices that help us become students of life, exploring the inner landscape of our bodies and psyche, learning and growing from our relationships and experiences, and realizing the fullness of the capacity of the heart.