Farah Moojli Nazarali offers the following Workshops: Mantras and Meditation, Surrender the Heart, Anatomy of Breathing, Compassionate Communication, Cleanse and Detox, and her signature Series- the Heart of Conflict.


The Heart of Conflict Workshop Series explores conflict- our relationship with conflict, skills to navigate conflict, and how to transform conflict into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Each 3 hour Workshop will include a teaching, group activities and discussion, and a learning lab where we explore a typical conflict situation in depth and as a group discuss strategies and techniques to effectively diffuse and resolve conflict. This Series will be offered in January 2017.

6 Week Series  
Saturdays 1-4pm @ Open Door Yoga
Jan.21 | Jan. 28 | Feb.4 | Feb. 18 | Feb. 25 | Mar.4
$250 (Entire Series)
Early Bird (before Dec.31) $195
$50 drop-in

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5 Week Series 
Sundays 2-5pm @ Unity Yoga and Teahouse
Jan.29 | Feb.5 | Feb. 12 | Feb. 19 | Feb. 26
$250 (Entire Series)
Early Bird (before Dec.31) $195
$50 drop-in

To register, contact Farah.

Your program has had an amazing impact on my life. I see that communication starts from my way of thinking, and this program has created shifts in my way of thinking at a fundamental level. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to take part in the program.Naoko Sasaki

I was really impressed by this series. The content was rich an inspiring, the presentation was vibrant and personal and all was balanced with useful exercises and well-integrated movement practices. – Abheeru, founder and DJ, Just Dance

This Workshop Series is based on the principles of Non-Violent CommunicationConflict Resolution, yogic teachings that promote emotional self-regulation, as well as yogic practices that cultivate clarity, discernment and compassion towards self and others.

Farah Nazarali has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and is known for her ability to communicate with clarity, confidence, and compassion. She completed Compassionate Communication Level I and is currently enrolled in the Conflict Resolution Certificate Program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Transforming Conflict
How do we view conflict? How do cultural, societal, and life experiences shape our view  of conflict?  How does our view of conflict shape how we respond to conflict?  This workshop covers the 5 approaches to conflict and how conflict can be used as an opportunity to transform us and those around us.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotions are a form of intelligence. Become friends with your emotions and develop the skills to understand the core needs underneath our emotions. Learn how to skillfully express negative emotions in a way that is authentic and does not harm others. Learn how critical timing and readiness is to effective communication and explore several time out strategies as well as yogic techniques for emotional self-regulation.

Non-Violent Communication
Learn how to use neutral and disarming language in communication. How we ask questions and frame issues is crucial to effective and skillful communication. Practice the art of open-ended questions and the art of re-framing.

Power Dynamics
Power imbalances are the reality of most relationships. Learn how to connect with an authentic source of power within you. Learn skillful interventions that address power imbalances without damaging the relationship.

Assertiveness and Boundaries
Explore and identify societal, cultural, and personal obstacles that cause us to say ‘yes’ when we need to say no. Reflect on the importance of setting boundaries and the pitfall of not setting clear boundaries. Discover your core values and practice how to say no and respectfully assert yourself.

The Art of the Other
How do we get the other person to listen and understand? How do we deal with defensiveness and the triggers of other people? We will learn the art of the other and how to break down barriers so that respectful, two-way communication can take place.