Each year, I partner with Veronica Vukusic to offer two Retreats- a Fall Retreat (usually held over the Remembrance Day weekend in November) and a Spring Retreat (typically held in April or May).

The Spring Retreat is held at Xenia Creative Development Centre, a 38-acre Sanctuary on Bowen Island. “Xenia” stands for hospitality and the cross-pollination of ideas between guest and host.  Xenia has always opened its doors and heart to whomever finds their way here.

Our next Retreat will be May 4-6, 2018 @ Xenia. Registration is now open!

Registration: Please direct all Retreat questions and inquires to Veronica (

Accommodations: to read more about the type of accommodations available, click here- Xenia Accommodations.

Catering: We are thrilled to announce our caterer- Shani Cranston! She is a phenomenal cook and brings a radiant, calm and graceful presence to the kitchen.


Locally Sourced, Seasonally Inspired Whole Food Catering by Shani Cranston, Founder of  hOMe Grown Living Foods  The menu will be gourmet Vegan and Gluten Free to ensure the most soul satisfying deep nourishment to complement our Retreat.

Photo: Fig chia-seed Pudding. YUM!


The Fall Retreat is held at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, a 70-acre sanctuary of meadows, forests, and organic gardens, founded by Baba Hari Dass.



Organs and Emotions
Sept. 16-19 2018 @ Hollyhock, Cortes Island

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and hold the key to our growth and transformation.  When we understand and honor the intelligence of emotions and the connection between emotions and the body, we can tap into unlimited health and find flow in our lives.

Chinese Medicine connects the emotions to the organs.  Learn how the organs store and generate emotional energy and what to do when this energy, or Chi, becomes imbalanced.

This innovative retreat links the intelligence of our emotions with meditative movement to balance the chi, allow emotions to flow, and find ways to move forward in our lives.

Based on Qi Gong practices, neuroscience research and mindful communication skills, this holistic approach is rooted in the Eastern view that mind and body are one.

Co-facilitated by Farah Nazarali and Jennifer Clarke. Stay tuned for registration!








Heart in Conflict
@ Hollyhock, Cortes Island
June 2017
-with Erica Pinsky

Spring Yoga Retreat
@ Xenia Sanctuary, Bowen Island
May 2017
-with Veronica Vukusic

Unplug, Unwind, and Reflect
@ Salt Spring Center of Yoga, Salt Spring Island
November 2016
-with Veronica Vukusic

Spring Sadhana Retreat
@ Xenia Sanctuary, Bowen Island
April 2016
-with Veronica Vukusic

Unplug, Unwind, and Connect to the Divine
@ Salt Spring Center of Yoga, Salt Spring Island
November 2015
-with Veronica Vukusic

Ancient Wisdom Yoga
@ Hollyhock , Cortes Island
September 2015
-with Jimena Medieta